Move  with intelligence.


Replicating random human movement is a huge challenge: sudden starts and stops in pedaling as well as changes in speed are unpredictable.

The eTrailer is the world’s first electric trailer with patent granted technology enabling a fully synchronized automatic movement.

NÜWIEL’s sensor technology brings the force transfer between the towing vehicle and the eTrailer to zero, thus making the eTrailer to “disappear” while precisely and instantly replicating every movement of the user.

Turning a bike
into a cargo bike.

The eTrailer can be connected to any bicycle, electric bike and light electric vehicle (LEV) within a few seconds. Once connected, the eTrailer automatically adjusts its speed to the vehicle in front and enables to carry 200% more payload without compromising riding comfort.

Walking in green
pedestrian zones.

When the eTrailer disconnected from the vehicle, it automatically turns into a handcart mode and adjusts to the movement of the person walking with it. The eHandcart goes through where an electric wheelchair can: tight corners, inside the buildings and through the elevator doors. There is no throttle or a control panel, you just walk with it!

brake system.

Equipped with multiple fail-operational systems, the eTrailer provides enhanced safety for the user and transported goods in different urban scenarios. The eTrailer’s safety brake system comprises electric park brake, regenerative and overrun brakes. The combined braking system makes riding safe and efficient resulting in the extended lifespan of the brakes and hence reduced maintenance.


Custom designed suspension increases safety of the goods and minimizes road vibration, thus increasing reliability and durability of the eTrailer. The fully suspended chassis ensures smooth ride on different roads and urban scenarios specifically uneven surfaces and cobblestones.


The eTrailer has been specifically designed for the heavy-duty everyday use at the post and parcel operations. The eTrailer consists of 99% components from the automotive and scooter industry ensuring higher reliability and longer durability.


Motor                                             250 W

Swappable Li-Ion Battery     Voltage 48 V
                                                  Range 50+ km
                                                  Charging time 5 h

Max Speed                               Cycling 25 km/h
                                                  Walking 6 km/h

Chassis                                           WxL 960 x 1.700 mm
                                                  Tubeless tyres 16 inches

Payload                                          EPAL 1
                                                  Volume 1 ㎥
                                                  Weight 120 kg

Brake systems                             Regenerative electric brake
                                                  Overrun brake (tested according to EN15914 & DIN 79010)
                                                  Electric park brake (tested according to DIN79010)

Box systems                            Open box (WxLxH): 860 x 1.260 x 233 mm
                                                  Closed box (WxLxH): 860 x 1.260 x 1.000 mm

The eTrailer is the 100% solution for the last mile. — UPS

The electric bicycle trailer matches our goal: a CO2-neutral delivery for our customers. — IKEA

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