The partnerships and use cases of eTrailer


We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and to look for the best solution. Since the foundation, we’ve been developing, building and testing the first prototypes together with each partner.

Post & Parcel

Use eTrailers to save time in the last mile. Its agility enables efficient delivery inside a city by bike. Carriers can also bring it directly into a building in the handcart mode.



Empower customers to move purchases back home by bike with an eTrailer. Be it furniture, home appliances or groceries, anything can be transported in a sustainable and easy way.


City & Community

Introduce eTrailers into a city or community, helping local citizens carry heavy stuff easily with sharing mobility.




Uses eTrailers to deliver parcels in Hamburg, München, and Frankfurt in the city centre. The carriers report to deliver 300% more parcels with eTrailers.

The collaboration with NÜWIEL has been very productive and result-oriented. The eTrailer is a 100% solution for the last mile delivery.


Delivers by eTrailer in cities that are car-free. The suspension protects goods from the bumpy cobblestone roads. They also use the eHandcart to carry parcels up- and downhills in Brussels.

The combination of green vehicles, mail carriers on foot with an eTrailer, and a large number of pick-up points means that bpost is able to limit the number of vehicles and kilometres per vehicle in the city.

Post AT.

Adapts eTrailers in its sustainable delivery fleet in Graz, aiming to make Graz the very first city in Austria to have CO2-free delivery by 2021.

Unser Ziel: Bis 2030 CO2 frei zuzustellen. Dafür werden laufend alternative Zustellformen getestet, wie letztes Jahr in Graz oder 2019 in Wien.


Rents out eTrailer at IKEA stores to help its customers transport in a sustainable way. The eTrailers can be used by anyone to move anything back home for 100% zero-emission delivery.

The electric bicycle trailer matches our goal: a CO2-neutral delivery. We find eTrailers helpful and are excited to see if our customers feel the same.

Groningen City.

Enable your residents and local organizations to transport goods on bike lanes and pedestrian-only zones with the eTrailer.

We provide local businesses with the eTrailer for free to test the concept of last mile logistics. I have a very positive experience of working with NÜWIEL and highly recommend this project for funding.

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